iQFOiL Class Association update
Posted On:  16/02/2021
Garda Fleet 2020
iQFOiL Class Association update
The World Sailing Board has taken time to look into the structure of the iQFOiL Class Association and has published a number of decisions, which have been published in the WS Board meeting minutes.

Below is an extract from the World Sailing Board minutes.
iQFOiL update
The Board received an updated from the Director of Technical and Offshore regarding the applications for World Sailing Class Status received from two organisations, and the status of the 2021 Class World Championships.
1. The Board approved the 2021 iQFoil Class World Championships in accordance with Regulation 25.6.
2. The Board approved the iQFoil being included in all World Sailing events in accordance with Regulation 24.2.2.
3. The Board approved the termination of the Olympic agreement with the IWA, and approved the execution of an interim agreement with the class recommended by the Equipment Committee at the 2020 Annual Conference
4. The Board agreed to postpone the decisions regarding the applications for World Sailing status until after there is a new election facilitated by World Sailing at their 2021 World Championship.

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